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Instead of healthy nutrition approaches mainly young people on crash diets, this can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa (anorexia) and Bulimia Addiction (bulimia). According to the Robert Koch Institute is about a fifth of 11 - to 17-year-olds in Germany are suspected of having an eating disorder before.

Fear mongers in high gloss - "If the photos come out with bikinis in the magazines in the spring, increases in many of the level of fear that you would have to show that," says Andreas Schnebel, Managing Director of the Federal Association for Eating Disorders in Munich. "We feel it then in our counseling centers, with which we operate in the front line." Is particularly alarming that the will of eating disorders sufferers getting younger: "The entry-level average age for anorexia is 16 to 17, for bulimia nearly 20 years yet we see more and more also 12-year-old in the counseling centers "Even the men's world has reached, according to Schnebel of thinness:" There are more and more guys with eating disorders, since the six-pack figure is propagated with well-defined abdominal muscles. "

Reasons for the dangerous thinness looks Schnebel in society "To be agreed on thinness": "Today already see about seven to eight years of talent shows on TV." They also state that incorrect diet with too much sugar, fat and salt children not healthy would figure more.If you willing to learn more, you would interesting to visit Reviewlity


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