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Pomegranate juice is an excellent prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The second place got grape juice, as it also contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients that reduce the risk of heart disease.

On the third, fourth and fifth place in the ranking were currant, cherry and cranberry juice, respectively. They also contain a large amount of nutrients that prevent heart disease, slow down the aging process, strengthen the muscle tissue and improve vision.
Sedatives: admission rules - Recently receiving sedation has already become a kind of norm. But it is worth remembering that the body can respond to sedatives both mentally and physiologically.

Sedatives are compounds that cause physiological and mental "retardation" reactions.

The most widely prescribed and most studied sedatives belong to a group called benzodiazepines. They are widely used for medicinal purposes. Nevertheless, patients who violate the rules of admission of these sedatives may suffer symptoms of the so-called abuse and dependence. Several other groups of sedatives, including sleeping pills, in violation of admission rules lead to a result similar breakdown.

Sedatives are taken strictly by prescription, can not lead to addiction and not pose a health risk. However foul receiving sedatives fraught with drug addiction.

It happens that the patient develops a so-called "drug tolerance". In this case, initially appointed doctor dose of sedative does not work and it needs to be increased, that was the effect. In such a situation preparation is best not to cancel or replace it with another.


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