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What is The Perfect Diet For Uterine Fibroids:

Uterine Fibroids is a female disease. Comprehensive treatment of fibroids also includes non-pharmacological recommendations that great attention is paid to diet patients. Fibroids Miracle Program by Amanda Leto note that the diet for uterine fibroids should be varied and include no less than thirty different products per week. Body need to provide calories, but do not allow them to excess. Fibroids are hormone-dependent tumor. This means that at elevated levels of female hormones (estrogen) levels tumor will grow.

Hormones such synthesis is carried out from cholesterol, coming from the food. It is absolutely clear that the restriction of cholesterol lead to tumor growth delay.
Diet plan for the removal of uterine fibroids which must be forbidden
Source cholesterol - saturated fat animal products, so completely excluded: fatty meats, dairy products, lard, as well as dishes, fried in animal fats.
Minimize the use of easily digestible carbohydrates that make up the buns and desserts: cakes, pies, chocolates, biscuits, cookies, etc.

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These products quickly accumulate fat, and fat cells provoke the production of estrogen. Therefore, obese women fibroids are much more common. Uterine tissue irritation reinforces smoked, spicy, savory and spirits. They should also be excluded from the diet of the patient.
Do not eat salty foods, strong tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, - it develops swelling of tissues of the uterus and significant enhancement of pain.

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