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Is it possible that genetic factors play a role in the age of puberty among girls, is it supposed to happen at puberty in girls the same age, which amounted to their mothers?
It is what you ask for a reader to have a girl 14 years old and did not come her menstrual cycle to now, with the knowledge that all the women of the family have reached at an early age from the eleventh or twelve years old, and you are asking whether this is a delay or not and whether the age of puberty is associated factors genetic? Knowing that most of the signs of puberty have appeared with the girl?

The answer to this question, ​​Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Program Review, said: For the first question for the reader link puberty factors genetic, there is no relationship between the two definitively where Genetic factors play any role in the Fibroid Miracle Program progress or delayed puberty in girls and the role played by genetic factors for women confined in diseases ovarian failure or ovaries as well as ​fibroids in the uterus.

Amanda Leto adds that the menstrual cycle is not affected by genetic factors and perhaps the most important reasons that affect the late date of the menstrual cycle is psychological factors, anxiety and obesity can sometimes affect the delayed adulthood.
As for the second question about the failure to reach the girl now he is not summoned a final concern, as the menstrual cycle is not considered late as long as the girl did not exceed sixteen years after, especially in the case of the emergence of other signs of puberty.
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