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Ask the reader 0.35 years, you could retain a woman who suffers from a tumor of the uterus livid, and at the same time undergoing treatment to get rid of this fibroid without resorting to surgery may lose the womb?

Answer the question, Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Program Review, saying, that the fibroid, which affects most of the women treated with surgery to remove the tumor or hormone therapy, but the most important of these roads and, most recently and is now used by the ladies to keep the womb without sacrificing In the same time get rid of the tumor is the injection.
Amanda Leto explains that the injection in that case, the arterial catheter without compromising therapeutic and infected in the womb of fibrous tumor.

Amanda Leto explains that the process of arterial catheter is performed under local anesthetic or hypnosis is short, and the doctor in charge of the introduction of a catheter, which does not exceed 2 mm diameter artery in the right groin tingling direct and without any surgical openings.
Amanda Leto adds that, it is not pulling the catheter into the artery of the uterus left quickly and within a few minutes, and then the doctor injects the arteries feeding the tumor by material like sand or powder, and then the show the final image of the uterus to make sure drying the entire tumor and then raise the catheter then and, hence, have been preserved on the uterus and the elimination of the tumor as well.
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