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Baths Energy, vitality and stamina continuation of articles on water cure 'see menu to the left’
Guidance of Dr. Dian Dinkies Bushman, author of Water For Therapy (Ed. Brazilians).
I'm addicted to baths. I like them cold, warm and neutral. Bathing rituals are delightful, with regard to health and cleanliness. Moreover, the bath correct - and there are many of our choice - is effective and inexpensive remedy.
Many ancient cultures resorted to for bathing rituals and health reasons.
The contemporary custom bathrooms may have been created by the Egyptians and then refined and developed by other cultures that have developed in the Aegean tome.
The bathroom was also a full tribal ritual in Jewish life. Even in the Dark Ages, when the Church saw the bathroom with evil eyes, the Jews maintained public toilets.
Perhaps for this reason the group survived the carnage caused by the bubonic plague and other epidemics.
Former inhabitants of minus left remnants of bathrooms in the palaces of Knossos and Tiryns, the example of the ancient Greeks, who established areas luxurious bathrooms, with heated water, cold shower baths and pools
We know through fragments transmitted verbally and in writing that the eminent Greek physician Hippocrates advocated the use of baths as a remedy.
As early and large clinical observers, he recorded the existence of a direct correlation between the use of partial and full baths and healing of many diseases.


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