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How do you ask a woman can be diagnosed on uterine fibroids, and whether treatment is surgical intervention?
Answer by Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Program, saying: Fibroids are benign tumors appear in the womb, and be present at about the 20:25% of women from the age of 20:45 years, the proportion of these tumors increases in women who had no children of before and varies place these tumors between inside the cavity of the uterus and the muscle of the uterus, or in the outer wall of the uterus, and finally inside the cervix. 
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  Sometimes no symptoms of these tumors are discovered by chance when conducting routine screening but the largest percentage of women is complaining an increase in the amount of the menstrual cycle or the occurrence of increased pain in the pelvic area.
  For the optimal way to diagnose fibroids are ultrasound on the pelvis and the telescope IUD. Amanda Leto in Her Review on Fibroids Miracle says; the treatment it is possible to follow-up a year only if they are small and less than 5 cm or does not cause symptoms, but in some cases can be used medicines such as birth control pills as it works to reduce the growth. Majority of cases is to resort to surgery to remove these tumors, either through open surgery to open the abdomen, or through the endoscope to remove these uterine tumors.

    As in the case of a multi-enactment of the patient's tumors beyond the 45-year-old, it is entirely possible hysterectomy to avoid reflux of these tumors.  In recent years, Fibroids Miracle Review new technologies have emerged to treat these tumors by injecting certain substances within the uterine artery, and these substances cause atrophy, and can dispense surgical intervention in this case.


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