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Mostly Women may have used to Go to a beauty salons each period for the work of comprehensive care for your hands and feet nails on the hands of specialists, but Amanda Leto in her Program Fibroids Miracle Review recommend you go before the next time should think twice, although I escort you go to your mother habitually warn you, too.
It has been the discovery of some of the health risks that may be faced women and girls when exposed to methods of nail care among the various beauty salons, and the simplest of these is the risk of infection with certain skin diseases.
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  The means and cosmetic nail care may be conveyed to you the types of bacteria, according to the findings of the researchers in the U.S. state of California, after receiving numerous complaints to the Ministry of Health of the patients suffer from infections and infections of skin diseases and blisters feet or hands, and it was among them cases reluctant all salon beauty one for different services to take care of nails hands and feet.
  Accordingly,  From a Review by Amanda Leto, it has been assigned to a dermatologist and assigned to visit and preview the beauty salon in question, and monitoring procedures to take care of the clients at the nails place. However preview basins wash your hands and feet, tools and other metal used in nail care, found that there was negligence in cleaning and disinfection, which results in the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, and their transition from a client to another when using the same tools and equipment.
  This is the case that have been discovered, and of course the beauty salon was closed on the non-availability of health and hygiene requirements of it, but it certainly is repeated in many, many beauty salons similar in all countries of the world.
There are some other Women’s health Issues discussed by Amanda Leto, the author of Fibroids Miracle Program:

   In addition, the process of nail care in these places specialized using multiple types of toxic chemicals, which may cause injury to the woman or the girl who exposed her cancer, God forbid, or respiratory disease are different because they are detrimental to the bronchial tubes and lungs due to inhaling the smell, as you might cause an imbalance in the functions of the nervous system and the reproductive system of women, and in the simplest case allergic skin condition.


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