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The hydration process after the physical hard work is critical if we want to replace the loss generated by sweating. For the reason that any liquid is not advisable at all, you have to be quite picky in choosing the post-training session drink for the hydration. In this piece of writing, we will let you know 5 drinks which are considered to be ideal ones for after training sessions. In fact, the choice of drink depends upon the period of workout session and this list certainly focuses this point.
- Water

This is the only source of liquid which is ideal for after short workouts of no more than 1 hour and does not provide large amount of electrolytes nor provides energy through sugars.
- Isotonic Drink

Isotonic drink works well after intensive and long-term session i.e. over an hour. It provides simple sugars that provide energy while favoring the retention and also provides electrolytes that are eliminated by sweat.
- Milk
Milk contains sugars and it is also a source of protein, water, potassium, calcium and other important micronutrients. Therefore, it is ideal for after a session besides anaerobic and replenishes fluids and glycogen while it is also useful to provide protein for muscle development and repair.
- Fruit Juices

The sports drinks are ideal to drink after an intense and long workout session as it offers water, potassium, sugar, vitamins and antioxidants.
5- Homemade Milk Shakes & Smoothies
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 A shake or smoothie containing milk, banana and oatmeal is ideal for after an intense workout for the reason that it provides fluid, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and complex carbohydrates which are needed to replenish glycogen and it stores energy as well.

These drinks also provide a common source which is water while they are easy to drink after training because they have high fluid intake, and depending on your nutrients, they help to recover after exercise.


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