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They do not understand that the goal is not to find out who is to blame, but to find suitable solutions to problems. The real problem arises when we stop to enjoy the home - no matter if I'm on a two day business trip or at the spa. If we miss you, we love and our marriage is fine. If you are not looking forward to home is sick. Cure the crisis in the relationship lasts at least as long as its origin.

With the advent of the crisis, we feel as if the world crumbled around us as if we were losing everything we liked. The crisis drags us into the vortex of anger, fear, anxiety, hopelessness and depression. That's the best you can get in this situation, the distance - a little bit of time and space so that you can be picked up, they realized how much the other's need.

Beware of theft – If you have a dispute arises and the other side is going to deal with it, do not download into seclusion. The so-called active alienation, when you do not agree with what the other is saying, but instead to give their opinion, sulking or turn away, is bad. The best you can to improve your relationship do is not to put your head in the sand, but to confront the problems facing the family.You can information about health


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