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The Pharmacy Service of the Hospital Virgen de la Luz de Cuenca has joined this Friday to the celebration of Adherence and Drug Information. An initiative of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy supported by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality to educate patients about the importance of good compliance with the indicated treatments by doctors.

The Pharmacy Service through posters and leaflets are reporting the clinical impact of not following the instructions of health professionals and abandon treatment before finalizing. They are also conducting surveys to patients inviting them to reflect on the importance of taking responsibility for compliance with their therapy, SESCAM reported in a press release.

The lack of adherence to pharmacological or therapeutic failure is a significant problem in clinical practice, especially in chronic diseases. He believes that not taking medication properly may lead to treatment failure and often lead to unnecessary diagnostic testing or intensification of therapies that may increase the risks for patients. Find out more relevant details from this link

Pharmaceutical Care Consultation main objective is to improve the pharmaceutical care provided to patients and contribute to the success of the therapy they receive. This promotes throughout the entire year, a more secure and rational use of medicines for hospital use and allows closer attention to specific treatments such as the case of multiple sclerosis or HIV.


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