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Nursing mothers should not gain weight because weight gain adversely affects physiological processes. On the other hand, however, should not specifically a diet. It is important that the nursing mother took care to their health and medications used only when necessary, which it determined by your doctor. Medication is transferred into the milk and milk into the body of the child.

Artificial feeding infants - If the mother does not have enough milk or milk loses too soon, it is necessary to give the child an artificial diet. When artificial feeding the child is also able to regulate the amount of food forcing a greater intake of milk and too easy to drink the child may develop a habit of excessive intake and that is also threatened thickness, the adequacy of nutrition and appropriate weight gain is advisable to consult your pediatrician.Information Resource By Venus Factor Review ==>

The transition to a mixed diet (5 to 7 months)

It is not recommended to shorten the period of exclusive milk diet and add before the fourth month of non-dairy foods. The digestive system of infants under four months is not fully adapted to the digestion of non-dairy foods, bad grass starchy foods and certain substances from fruits and vegetables are too irritating to very delicate tissue. It is not advisable to feed a baby solid food before six months because it was not proven that it is beneficial for the child.Read More About Weight gain


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